Our Financial Services

It is just not possible to build your wealth if you are spending more than you earn.

A budget when done well, creates positive cash flow, which can be used to build substantial wealth for your future.

We review key areas of your regular and not-so-regular expenses and discuss why each is important for you. By looking at your spending differently, you will quickly see your spending behaviours change for the better.

We cut through the confusion and stress and work with you to create a manageable budget tailored to your situation. Then, we make sure that your cash flow is allocated correctly to help you meet your financial goals.

Investment decisions should be based around what you are trying to achieve financially. Once we understand your financial situation, we work with you to define your financial goals to help you succeed in reaching your financial future.

McLauchlan Wealth will identify the key things about your situation, understanding your personal circumstances to make it as simple as possible for you to make the right financial choices.

We explore your core purpose for building your wealth, when you may need to access your money, what you expect your return on investment to be over that time and your likely reaction in times of investment market unrest (which will happen).

As specialists in investment strategies, we will tailor a solution that meets your specific needs. Only when you understand, and are happy with, how that strategy will move you towards your goals do we suggest a specific product or platform that will be the right tool for the job.

As you approach the end of paid employment, it is essential that you plan for the next stage of your life, where you will be responsible for paying yourself and maintaining your lifestyle needs. There are lots of complexities that can make your retirement planning a daunting experience. This life-changing event will impact on:

  • How you think about drops in the value of your retirement savings because of market movements,
  • What you consider to be a ‘safe’ investment,
  • Whether or not you will be entitled to any Age Pension benefits,
  • The reality of what income your retirement savings will generate in coming years,
  • How you will fund your Aged Care needs in the future, and
  • Tax implications of your remaining sources of income.

We work closely with you in the years approaching your retirement so that this transition has the least financial stress possible for you and your family. Having a clear plan, for when you finish working, gives you the confidence that you are controlling what you can control, and can look forward to a rewarding and happy next stage of life.

One of the foundations of any good financial plan includes a considered strategy to manage any foreseeable risks that may impact you and your family’s financial wellbeing. It’s an essential tool for you to protect what you already have before you can start to build your wealth further.

The purpose of insurance is to bridge the gap between your cash savings and the financial impact of death, illness, injury or your inability to work for a prolonged period.

We provide our clients with tailored insurance advice to meet their needs and provide peace of mind. Our process to provide advice is:

  • Determine what existing insurance you have (including within your super fund). Complete an Insurance Needs Analysis based on what you want to occur in the event of your Death, Disability or major illness.
  • Conduct research with the various insurance provider in the market to find the best suited provider for your circumstances.
  • Present an Insurance Options Summary and fine-tune to your preferences.
  • Prepare and present the advice document, completing applications with you.
  • Coordinate with the insurer to ensure everything is processed in a timely manner until your application is either accepted, offered with alternative terms or declined

Australians love investing in property and here at McLauchlan Wealth, we believe it can be a great investment if it’s appropriate for your situation, meets your goals and objectives and is done correctly.

Residential property should be viewed as a long-term investment as it can have extended periods of slow growth followed by a brief phase of rapid growth, which can be difficult to predict. Having a long-term focus means you will not miss these rapid periods of growth, which could happen many times over the period of your investment.

Structuring the investment appropriately from the start will also ensure that you are maximising the tax benefits that are associated with investing in residential property.

There are risks that need to be considered when investing and we will make sure you are fully aware of them before you make the decision to proceed.

Let McLauchlan Wealth assist you with your investment property decisions by ensuring it fits with your goals and objectives.

Other than your home, superannuation is likely to be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime. Those that choose to depend on the default superannuation savings plan, that the government has selected for them, will have a default outcome for their retirement. You do not need advice to achieve this outcome – however, it may not be the outcome you really want for you and your family.

By taking an active interest in your super, and being engaged in the process, you can achieve so much more for your future self.

We make it easy for you to get engaged with your superannuation plan, by keeping it simple with strategies that make the available tax advantages do the hard work for you.

It is time you partnered with us so that you can easily build your wealth, take control of your future and make the system work for you.