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Superannuation (or “super”) is the compulsory financial contribution system set up by the government whereby Australian employers must pay a minimum percentage of wage earnings (and employees can add contributions above the minimum) to provide funds once you reach retirement and no longer have a primary job income source to depend on.

Super provides the financial foundation for roughly 25% of our lives. It functions much like any investment in property or shares – something that is a long-term financial strategy designed to provide a significant financial resource to tap into as a future income stream that you will rely on every week later in life. 

Other than your home, superannuation is likely to be the biggest (and most important) investment you make in your lifetime.

Having a modest nest egg or a large nest egg is the difference between living a lifestyle where you are barely making ends meet and a lifestyle where you can travel, eat out, and spend time with family and friends in the way you want. 

Those who choose to depend on the default superannuation savings plan that the government has selected for them will have a default outcome for their retirement. You do not need advice to achieve this outcome – however, it may not be the outcome you really want for you and your family.

By taking an active interest in your super, and being engaged in the process, you can achieve so much more for your future self.

Because there are many factors and options to consider – including tax, ongoing changes in government policy, and different types of funds – super can seem like a very complex area.

We take the stress out of understanding this complex topic and make it easy for you to get engaged with your superannuation plan, by keeping it simple yet strategically well-informed.

By partnering with us, you can easily build your wealth, take control of your future, and make the system work for you.

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